Cedarizing and Flooring by Ray Phung

The last couple steps that went into this van conversion are the wood panels that went on the majority of the van and the flooring.  Both were installed after all the electricity was wired and the furniture built.  I really wanted the overall look to be a "cabin-on-wheels", and I love the look, feel, and smell of wood.  So choosing these finishing looks was easy.

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Storage Shelving by Ray Phung

Next to wiring the electricity, building cabinets was something I was really nervous about.  I have not done a lot of wood-working, and cabinets require a lot of precise skills.  The last thing I want are lop-sided cabinets with wonky shelves that don't stay closed.  In reality, the cabinets only took a couple weeks to do, and for the most part, turned out pretty well. 

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