Total Costs and Items Used / by Ray Phung

After cruising in the van for almost a year now, one of the most common questions I get is "how much money did you put into it??"  Since most of the work was done by me and McKinley, the only real costs was in the materials themselves.  I dug through my Amazon account, as well as my credit card statement to figure out the total costs of it.  I always preface this by saying that the total includes a lot of big ticket items, like the fridge, solar panels, and batteries.  And, well, here it is! 

$4,800 or so for just the build-out intertior
$5,500 including all upgrades

Not as much as i thought either.  This also does not include any parts for mechanical repairs (turbo resonator eliminator, fan resister, or any painting/rust stuff).  That crap added $1300 or so.  Here's how it breaks down, sorted by category: 

Item Cost Sum Mechanical Replacement Parts
Electronics/Appliances Upper Door Strip $9.99
Fridge $780.00 Fan Resistor $15.30
Solar $619.00 Paint $147.32
Plugs $17.65 Multifunction Switch $67.00
Switch $8.19 Tail Light $56.00
Batteries $380.00 Green Diesel Tune $560.00
Panel $48.99 Turbo Resonator Eliminator $100.00
Maxi Fuse $39.00 Hose $30.00
Fuses $7.26 Total $985.61
LED Panel $33.88
ACR $69.99 Upgrades
Fuse Block $24.80 Speakers $51.22
Fan $256.95 Wiring and other Parts $21.24
Electricity Misc $221.00 Stereo $184.95
Total $2,506.71 Mirror $99.99
Camera $19.99
Plumbing, Kitchen, & Hardware ARB Awning $280
Water Jugs $35.98 Swivel Seat $278.00
Water Pump $23.23 Total $935.39
Push Latch $246.06
Sliding Door Track
Pull Handle
Countertop $129.00
Tile $42.00
Sink $75.00
Total $551.27
Building Material
Plywood $308.70
Bed Wood $150.00
Flooring $143.33
Heavy Duty Drawer Slide $72.51
Bed Foam $120.26
VHB Tape $24.91
Panelling $99.75
Total $919.46
Insulation and Sound Deadening
Seam Tape $38.25
Radiant Barrier $59.98
Insulation $141.40
Reflectix $86.50
Rattle Trap $62.99
Beer Cozy $110.00
Total $499.12
Misc $300.00
Grand Total $4,776.56

The "Misc." categories includes nails, screws, glue, rivets, caulk, adhesive, sealer, wires, heatshrink etc.  So this could easily be an over or under estimate.  I also calculated the Mechanical Replacement Parts (i.e. shit that breaks on Sprinters) and the Upgrades seperately.  The former category includes things purchase for rust abatement and stuff i broke (like the taillight... oops!)  The upgrades weren't part of the main build really, but makes the van much more comfortable for long rides and much more livable.  

And there you have it!  Please follow the links to any of the stuff i purchased, and check the individual sections on the Build Out to see how I used it.