How to Mount an ARB Awning to the Rain Gutter of a Sprinter by Ray Phung

For Christmas, my mom was so kind to gift us an ARB awning to complete the van buildout.  However, figuring out a means of attaching it proved to be a bit challenging.  The only hardware these awnings come with are used to attach them to a roof rack of your extreme 4x4 vehicle.  Sadly, the Sprinter does not have a roof rack, and even then it would be entirely too tall for me to roll and unroll.  My goal was to attach them to the rain gutters that circumnavigate the van.  

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Electricity by Ray Phung

Electricity was a topic that came up early in the planning phases.  We had a lot of hypothetical discussions of the type of amenities we would like to have and whether we would realistically use them. This is quite a large topic, but I will go over installing solar power, hooking the batteries up to the van's alternator, installing the fan, and other wiring and fusing issues.  

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