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Ansco Agfa 5x7 Restoration Project - Part 1 by Ray Phung

I like working with my hands.  To tinker.  Perhaps it can be attributed to a primal instinct to build and create.  Or maybe because I had quite an elaborate set of Legos growing up.  Or maybe it's a trait I get from my mom, the most inspirational tinkerer I know.  While it's sometimes a fun trait, it often times leads me to break things, or to make things even more broken than they already are.  But luckily, instead of breaking the nice things that I have, I found a nice woodworking project to work on this winter to keep my hands and mind busy as I wait for longer days and drier weather. 

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Linhof Photo Samples by Ray Phung

After getting my Linhof Technika III up and running, I was anxious to get ahold of some 4x5 sheet film to try it out.  Luckily, my good old buddy Adam (check him and his work out at had an old, and mostly full, box of Arista sheet film.  Adam claimed that this film was left in a desk drawer inside a sweltering warehouse for a couple of summers.  Then lived in the back of his truck for quite sometime.  "Use it at your own risk," he warned.  

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Linhof Technika III Restoration by Ray Phung

I have been interested in trying out 4x5 photography for a while.  I think it's the natural progression of film photography - 35mm is easy and accessible, and then you get the itch for trying bigger and bigger negatives.  Then, add the fact that all the cameras look vintage and cool. I mean who doesn't want to be the guy hiding under a dark cloth to take photos with a 60 year old camera?  

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