bulk film

Ancient Film by Ray Phung

Last time, I was explaining how I became the proud owner of a darkroom setup, and how I came to receive all my awesome loot.  Part of that package was a Watson bulk film loader.  For those of you who don't know, rather than buying a bunch of individual rolls, you can purchase a 100ft spool of film and, with reusable film canisters, roll your own film.  There's a slight economic benefit to this - at Bluemoon Camera and Machine, a 100ft roll of Ilford HP5+ is $67.50. When you roll it yourself, you get can around 20 rolls or so, which makes it $3.37 a roll vs $6.10 individually.   Anyway, the Watson roller provides a light proof compartment, as well as a light trap so you can safely roll your film.

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