Why Film Photography Sucks (and Why I Love It Anyway) by Ray Phung

Shooting in film really sucks sometimes.  Rest assured, for those of you who know me well, I routinely sing the praises of film photography - the look, the feel, the methodology, the technical demands.  I love it.  I feel my own photography has drastically improved since shooting film.  It's one of few things I truly get super, unabashedly geeked out about. And nothing is quite as exciting or satisfying than holding a properly exposed, properly developed negative.  But there is a dark side to this:  there nothing quite as devastating when the perfect shot is ruined because I flubbed it.  Big time.  And while this doesn't happen very often, it does happen, and it's beyond frustrating.  

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The Launch and the First Blog Post by Ray Phung

Finally, after being on my to-do list for months, I created a website for photography! And it's up and running!  I believe under the influence of New Years eve celebration spirits, I made a resolution to create a new website.  The second day into the new year, I can already mark one off the list.  Thank you SquareSpace for making the process easy, yet with a beautiful end-result.  I definitely recommend their service for your website creation needs.

Next, I haven't authored a blog post since my Xanga account... (Remember Xanga? This was probably senior year of high school for me...I wonder if they are still in business).  But, now that I am older and wiser, I will spare you of my whiny teenage angst.   In this blog, I hope to include updates of new photos, adventures, photo projects, and new (new to me anyway) and exciting photography equipment. So I hope you add this to your RSS feed, Google reader, or whatever you use to keep track of people. 

That is all for this post.  Thanks for reading!

Next post will be about my new darkroom equipment, which i promise will be far more interesting.