Our Nature

The pure beauty of the Earth has the distinctive ability to evoke a very deep, almost primal, emotional response in within our souls.  Each of us can remember the power of a breathtaking sunset, the sound of rushing water cascading down a brook, or that feeling of smallness when standing underneath a billion stars as the Milky Way shines overhead.  Perhaps in these moments, we feel our humanity intricately intertwined with the Earth, and not simply a user or resident of it.  But yet, we have the unmistakable power to either destroy it or save it.  The future of our planet, of Our Nature, is up to us.

Our Nature is series of landscape photographs taken in the American West by photographer Ray Phung.  Each photograph is paired with quote, poem, song, or thought from various poets, conservationists, environmentalist, creators, explorers, and lovers of the outdoors.

Our Nature is dedicated to these powerful moments that nature provides, and hopes to inspire a sense of responsibility to preserve them for generations to come.